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Madam Ji is an Indian restaurant in New York City under Chef Abishek Sharma.

Old identity

New identity

Ode worked with Madam Ji to rebrand during the pandemic and shift stereotypical notions surrounding Indian food.

To establish a strong identity across both of Chef Abishek’s restaurants, we decided to rename Surya as Madam Ji, Badshah's sister.

While Badshah means "king" in Hindi, we wanted to refrain from using the Hindi equivalent for "queen" that often connotes a belonging to her husband. In cultural context, the title “Madam Ji” signifies a woman in charge with no association to her relationship status.

Brand Strategy
In translating the Madam Ji identity to the physical restaurant, we opted for vivid shades of fuschia and blue that would speak for itself as the only restaurant on the block and stood for the bold, vivacious woman we see Madam Ji to be.

content creation
Previously, the Instagram feeds for both restaurants featured only photos of the dishes but not the mind behind the food. By placing Chef Abishek front and center on social media, we made it more clear now whose culinary vision the restaurants belong to and why these locations are more than just another restaurant in NYC. In doing so, Ode increased Chef Abishek's visibility and pivoted the restaurants to continue making profit during the pandemic.

Business Development
With the global pandemic shifting consumer behavior to take-out, we recommended creating DIY Pani Puri Kits and a Delhi Date Night for Two special as competitive offerings for customers to indulge in the Madam Ji experience from home. Both of these items increased sales and their popular sit down brunch menu was also created with our advisement.

Hosted the premiere of Indian Matchmaking Season 2 with Brown Girl Magazine

Part of the official NYC guide

Catered Pakistan Flood Relief Fundraiser with HYFN

Two years in, Madam Ji is now a staple location for Indian food in Manhattan and South Asian disapora events.

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